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About Us

Hi!  Welcome to JL Rockets.  

JL Rockets is now Judy Lubin's website, now that Jackson is 18, has his own L3 and launches on his own.  You will notice that I still showcase many Jackson's projects from the past, especially in the past launches section.  After all, I am still his proud mother.  Jackson is now posting his current projects on his own media. 
I am a Level 3 rocketeer and a member of both NAR (http://www.nar.org) and Tripoli (http://www.tripoli.org).  My home clubs are
Woosh (http://www.wooshrocketry.org) and Tripoli of Wisconsin (http://www.tripoliwisconsin.org).  I am also members of Quad City Rocket Society and Indiana Rocketry.

Contact me at Judy AT JLRockets DOT com

Currently, Jackson his launch pictures here:

His pictures include both his and other's rockets.  You can share and repost any pictures of your own rockets.  Please give Jackson the photo credit.

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